After-sales service, our priority

After-sales service, our priority

After-sales service and the satisfaction of our customers is our priority. We support you from choosing your bike to repairing it. Don’t be afraid to invest in an electric bike anymore because maintaining it has never been so easy! Take part in the ecological transition by changing your travel habits by a more ecological and sustainable means of transport. Advice, expertise and repairs, Cocci’Vélos will accompany you from A to Z!

The rise of the electric bicycle, technological progress

The electric bicycle has become an everyday ally for many cycling enthusiasts. It is equally suitable for your walks, your trips to and from work or your weekend sports outings. Contrary to popular belief, the eBike works well thanks to pedaling, accompanied by the assistance of a motor and a powerful battery. This is the best way to combine sport, travel and respect for the environment. No longer feel guilty in traffic jams, by replacing your car with an electric bicycle for all your daily journeys. In addition, they are easily recharged from the mains and have ample autonomy to make the trip you want.

Cocci’Vélos, official BOSCH dealer and SHIMANO sworn in, will ensure you an optimal follow-up of your eBike by identifying potential battery or motor problems. No need to send the bike back to its designer, you just have to go to your Cocci’Vélos shop to benefit from local expertise. References from major brands such as Lapierre, ORBEA or Sunn, Bosch and SHIMANO motors and batteries are reliable. For example, fall for the ORBEA KATU E-30 eBike, the best friend of your usual journeys. For VAE motors and batteries, the Cocci’Vélos after-sales service turns out to be an excellent partner. It guarantees your safety over time, thanks to the competence of the team.

An after-sales service listening, continue your journey in safety

Cocci’Vélos is a privileged contact for receiving sound advice on choosing a bike. The team can advise you according to your desires and how you want to use your bike. City bike, racing bike, electric bike, there is something for everyone! Find the bike of your dreams, matching your expectations for performance and style.

In addition, after purchasing your bike, Cocci’Vélos remains at your entire disposal if you encounter a technical problem. Thus, depending on the frequency of use, the maintenance but also the quality, the bike can be damaged more or less quickly and need an overhaul. Appropriate maintenance products are available in stores to take care of and pamper your bike, regardless of its category. Cocci’Vélos therefore remains at your entire disposal and at your disposal because your satisfaction is our priority!

The after-sales service of a company allows customers to benefit from assistance after their purchase. For major expenses such as the purchase of a new bike, it is therefore interesting to be able to contact a professional. This not only makes it possible to have the guarantee of receiving advice over time, but also an intervention in the event of a problem.

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