Back to school: back to school by bike

Back to school: back to school by bike

September is back to school month. A good resolution: why not leave the car and take your children by bike to their school? A solution that respects the environment, sports and is important for getting in shape. The opportunity also to share moments with his children, which we do less in the car, or with the bus. In addition, with the Covid-19 crisis, borrowing a bicycle is safer than public transport.

A sporty start to the school year, with an adapted bike

To ensure a safe return to school and easy trips to school, choose a bike that is suitable for children. When choosing the size of a kid’s bike, care should be taken to consider the height of the kid as well as the size of the wheels on the bike. Note that children’s bikes have sizes in inches and one inch equals 2.54 cm. The Gitane brand makes excellent bikes for children. Once the bike has been selected, care must be taken to leave safely. Some equipment is compulsory (1) to move freely. They are also stipulated in the highway code. Helmets are one of them. They are essential in order to avoid injury in the event of a fall. However, they can also be useful on very hot days to prevent solar insolation. Lights are mandatory devices. They allow the full safety of the child who will be clearly visible on the road. In addition, on winter days, lighting will be essential in order to see the road well. A very useful item that will be interesting to acquire, a padlock. To be sure that the bike will not budge from its place. Finally, the reflective vest is one of the accessories that it is possible but not necessary to have on a bike. It is also found to be very useful in the evening to be clearly visible on the road.

Make your child aware of bicycle traffic

Notice to parents who wish to be sure that children will learn the right movements and traffic behaviors. Nowadays, primary schools teach children the rules of the road by bicycle. Schools devote afternoons to theory and then to practice in the playgrounds. The little ones get on a bicycle and must complete a route with compulsory stops and circuit respects. A good way to see the real road. Finally, given the enthusiasm for this mode of transport, cities are increasingly taking action aimed at cyclists. Many cycle paths are developed over distances that cover long journeys. In some countries, cities have banned cars and bicycles are king. Note that children up to 8 years old are allowed to walk on sidewalks. However, they must be careful to respect pedestrians and be careful not to drive too fast so as not to disturb anyone.


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