Bosch, Shimano … focus on the flagship motors of VAEs

Bosch, Shimano … focus on the flagship motors of VAEs

E-bikes work with physical strength and pedaling. However, they also work with the electric force of a motor placed on the bicycle. There are many brands of motor, but the most famous are Bosch and Shimano. Bosch is a German brand while Shimano is a Japanese brand.

The ultimate in electric bike motors

If neophytes are not particularly familiar with VAE battery, regulars will be able to confirm it, the Bosch and Shimano brands are two great entities in the world of VAE. The quality of manufacture as well as their resistance and the autonomy they demonstrate have contributed to their reputation. Thus, the Bosch brand creates batteries that adapt to the needs of each bike. For example, for an eBike with a luggage rack, the battery will be slightly more resistant because the bike may have to carry more weight. While these two battery brands are foreign products, Cocci’Vélos is an official Bosch partner. In addition, we are also sworn for the Shimano brand. thus, despite the distance from the manufacturers, we are fully competent to repair your batteries if necessary. Many businesses and bicycle vendors are not necessarily licensed for this. The Cocci’team guarantees you the possibility of repairing your battery at any time.

VAE, these stars of bike shops

The VAE or electrically assisted bicycle, is a star of cycle shops. Easy to practice and to transport, it brings ease of movement. VAE rides are always pleasant and comfortable. Thanks to its battery, it allows pedaling effortlessly. This advantage is very useful during steep climbs for example. This will prevent you from putting in too much effort before you get to work. Using the electric bike is also very pleasant for short, everyday journeys. Go get your bread, do some shopping or even pick up the children by bike. Why not just take the bike for a ride like this? It allows you to clear your mind, do some sport and go for a walk. In addition, it also helps align with ecological commitments that are important to have in mind. The eBike is ecological because its battery is recharged electrically. Finally, by selling pedelecs, Cocci’Vélos is in line with the Naturellement B’A commitment. Engagement B’A is an association of traders from the Arcachon Basin. Together they created a territorial brand for the Basin with the aim of promoting the local economy. Cocci’Vélos is a partner in this commitment. We act in an economic and ecological interest. If, however, you are still unsure of the choice of the VAE and its battery, the Cocci’Vélos team will be happy to answer you and guide you in this choice. One thing is for sure, e-bikes are very practical and fun to use.

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