Cycle tourism, a new way of traveling by bicycle

Cycle tourism, a new way of traveling by bicycle

Cycle tourism is a new way of doing tourism. It allows you to visit a site or a city by bike. While this practice has become more democratic, it has seen a real boom in the Arcachon Basin. The city has organized itself to make cycling the most pleasant mode of transport in the Basin.

Travel around the Arcachon Bay … by bike

Many cycle paths have been developed to discover new landscapes around the Arcachon Basin. The best known of all is the one that links Arcachon to Cap Ferret. It crosses almost all the towns of the Basin and is seventy-seven kilometers long. In other words, you have to plan a good day for this mountain bike circuit or even a VAE if you want to go faster and tire less. If the Bassin walk is too long, it is possible to visit the city of Arcachon by bike thanks to the track that runs along the city via the seafront, which measures five kilometers. Passing in front of the Thiers and Eyrac jetties, it offers a view of the Bird Island, the Banc de Sable d’Arguin and the Cap Ferret peninsula. Note that this tour is very pleasant to do with the family and that it is possible to rent trailers for children if necessary. Finally, for a greener walk, there is always the Teich circuit which cuts through town and woods for ten kilometers. A walk in the middle of nature also passing by the ornithological reserve of the city. For the good practice of cycle tourism, you obviously need a bicycle. While it can sometimes be complicated to take your bike on vacation, in the Basin it is possible to rent one from Cocci’Vélos. Whether you are looking for an ATV, eBike or tandem, we have many models available. In addition to being a pleasant activity, cycle tourism responds to the positioning of the Arcachon Basin as being respectful of the environment. Indeed, many sites and landscapes are classified as nature reserves like Les Prés Salés.

Healthy, cycling and moving holidays

While the advantages of cycle tourism are its ease of use and its respect for the environment, it is also an excellent health ally. Indeed, in addition to breathing the fresh air of the nature of the Basin, pedaling is beneficial for health. It is an activity that has little impact on the joints because of little shock. It also helps to strengthen the thighs and calves as well as the abdominals. Its practice over the long term improves cardio and fights against stress. While on holiday in the Arcachon Bay, some areas are only accessible on foot or by bike. That’s why renting a bike while on vacation will definitely be beneficial. The Banc de Sable d’Arguin is a case in point. This could destroy the surrounding environment. Finally, spending your holidays on a bicycle is about creating memories. Cycle tourism is a new trend in order to discover a place or a city during your holidays. Healthy and ecological, it only has advantages.

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