Give preference to French bicycle models

Give preference to French bicycle models

As the health crisis caused by COVID-19 spared no sector, the bicycle sector was also affected. The need to refocus on French brands and French products is quite obvious in order to boost the economy as well as possible. This is why today we are going to present you some French bicycle brands, which in addition to giving a boost to the economy will guarantee you impeccable quality.

Cocci’Vélos, bicycle models that make you feel good

At Cocci’Vélos we like to offer quality bikes. Whether it is our VAE or our mountain bikes, we have very beautiful models. Like LAPIERRE electric bikes. A French quality brand that has existed since 1946. It is therefore a brand that has been evolving with the times for more than 70 years. Always more discreet batteries but also designs that evolve with the fashions. The brands we offer are mostly French. From parts manufacturing to assembly and sales, we choose to work with quality manufacturers. We also offer French accessories like Michelin tires, which it is no longer mandatory to present for the sake of fame. To buy French is to take a step towards an ecological dimension. Less transport therefore less pollution. Finally, offering French brands in the shop shows that we are in line with the B’A (1) commitment. The B’A commitment is a territorial brand of the Arcachon Basin that was created with the aim of promoting the local economy. It is a brand that is shared with the merchants of the Basin in order to offer them support and visibility. Cocci’Vélos is a partner in this commitment.

Consuming French consumers, the economic stake of the COVID period

The advantage of working with French manufacturers and brands in the current context is obvious. We are not suffering from the slowdown in foreign trade and therefore our shop is always stocked with bicycles so that we can serve you all year round. If the trend of “made in France” has been growing in recent years, the current context is pushing us to turn more and more to this mode of consumption. This makes it possible to keep jobs on our territory and perhaps create new ones. The rule is simple, more demand therefore more supply and need. Consuming French people is not only an act of patriotism these days, but indeed a gesture towards the situation. All this, Cocci’Vélos has understood well for a long time. We are happy to be able to offer you French quality bikes in general, but even more so today. So if you want to buy a new bike or rent one, why not take a step towards French quality and therefore a step towards a whole bunch of commitments which are essential questions today.


1 – Between B’A commitment and family portrait: the company Minos Peinture

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