Shoes – Textile – Cyclist equipment
Throughout the year, it is important to equip yourself with equipment adapted to your own style of cycling, whether for leisure, competition or on a daily basis to get to your workplace.

At Cocci'Vélos, we offer equipment that coincides with your cycling practice and depending on the time of year, relying on international benchmarks in cyclist equipment: always at the forefront of new textile techniques , always lighter and more efficient! In summer, it is essential to be well equipped in ventilated textiles, helmets or shoes, combining comfort and lightness. In winter, heat is sought, but with light and antiperspirant equipment…. At Cocci'Vélos, you will find all types of equipment such as: Helmets, Road-MTB-Triathlon Cycling Shoes, Summer and Winter Textiles (Cycling shorts, Jerseys, Thermal Jacket, under Dry, cool, tex and / or thermo-regulating clothing) , hosiery, gloves) and leisure equipment (Poncho, etc.).

Do not neglect your cyclist equipment, because it is essential for your comfort, your well-being and your progress!

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