Cocci Fixie

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What is a Fixie? It is a fixed gear bicycle, without any freewheel. The bike only advances when you pedal, and stops when you stop.

Cocci’Vélos has developed its own Fixie to meet the expectations of these urban bike enthusiasts.

Thanks to the Cocci Fixie and its many customizable elements, you can fully create the Fixie of your choice, in your colors. The Cocci Fixie brings you an in-depth personalization of your bike, so that it matches you and goes with you everywhere! Frame, wheels, tires, crankset, handles, saddle, chain: each element can display the color of your choice.

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Create and personalize your Cocci Fixie! Made in the Cocci’Vélos workshops, your Cocci Fixie will be unique!

With its 50, 54 or 58 cm steel tube frame, 30 or 40 mm profiled wheels, a 46-tooth aluminum crankset, the Cocci Fixie promises you great performance. The vintage saddle, with visible rivets, adds an extra special touch.

– Price: 399 €
– Steel frame T: 54
– Profiled Wheels
– Alu crankset 46 teeth
– Right hanger
– Short brake levers
– Fixie tire
– Vintage steel upper tube sheath guide collars
– Vintage Rivet Saddle

The Cocci Fixie has two brakes, the manual brake and the fixed gear brake.

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