Rental Terms

The client must be of legal age.
The posting of a bond is required. Otherwise, the lessor may accept the deposit of an identity document in agreement with the client. The deposit is returned at the end of the rental, if the lessee has returned the vehicle, to the headquarters of the rental company’s business (except in the case of delivery), in the state in which it was delivered to him.
The rental is always payable in advance. Any rental made is not refunded.

Payment for the rental can be made by Credit Card, Holiday Check or Cash.

The tenant cannot transfer his right to another.

The rental company has no obligation to assist in the event of punctures or other problems.
The customer must respect the highway code, he is responsible for any infraction.

The customer agrees to use the rented equipment with care, he is personally responsible for bodily injury and material damage that he could cause to third parties during the use of the cycles in his care (art. 1383 and 1384 of the civil code ). The customer’s liability insurance covers damage caused to third parties by him or his children.

The rental company is not insured for theft of the rented cycles. The customer is responsible in the event of theft or damage caused to the rented vehicle by himself, he must therefore compensate the rental company (collection of the deposit in the event of theft). In the event of theft or accident, a declaration must be made to the police and after compensation of the renter, he can do the necessary with his civil liability insurance.