The eBike, trend for 2020

The eBike, trend for 2020

The VAE, or electrically assisted bicycle, is a mode of transport that is becoming increasingly popular. Easy to handle and transport, it allows you to move around with confidence. Indeed, thanks to its integrated motor, it offers comfort and invaluable assistance. Less effort, more speed, the electric bicycle shows many advantages.

The VAE, a bike that has the coast

According to the Cycle Observatory, the eBike is a trendy bike. In fact, in 2018 more than 330,000 electric bicycles were sold. This represents 78% of turnover in the bicycle market (1). Because of this growing leap, the attractiveness of the electric bicycle. Indeed, with its practicality, it allows everyone to reconnect with the fact of cycling. There is less effort to produce and therefore it is accessible to everyone. It even reconciles commuters with cycling to work. In addition, it is highly appreciated by families during weekend bike rides for example. Without much constraint, the VAE is really the big winner in the world of cycles. In order to keep going, pedelecs have batteries that you have to remember to recharge. However, with the evolution of models over time, these batteries have become more and more discreet and small. Finally, like the Arcade e-colors ile d’yeu bike, the designs have greatly evolved in order to match the fashions. Bikes are no longer just practical, they also become aesthetic by posing as a living accessory.

An alternative to the car for daily commuting

As the years go by, the car is more and more abandoned in favor of public transport and cycling. Indeed, why choose to take the car for a trip of 10 km that it will be much more pleasant to do in VAE? It allows you to clear your mind, do some sport and go for a walk. According to a study by the University of Otago in New Zealand, people who cycle to work live longer and are happier (2). If you are passing through the Arcachon Basin, or even live there, making your trips by bike allows you to better admire the view. In addition, it allows you to breathe the fresh sea air of the Basin. The sea air is excellent for your health. Obviously in the current health context, using a bicycle is much more than recommended in order to avoid meeting people on public transport. Another advantage of the VAE is its battery. This is one of those strengths. It can cover long distances, 100km on average. At Cocci’Vélos, we obviously offer many VAEs. We are committed to ensuring that these are of French quality as with the LAPIERRE brand. This in order to offer you reliable products and a unique experience on each of your excursions.

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