The engine, the key to an electrically assisted bicycle

The engine, the key to an electrically assisted bicycle

Less polluting, faster and more practical than the car but also less tiring than a traditional bicycle, the electrically assisted bicycle is more and more present in the demands of customers. Cocci’Vélos therefore offers many models, suitable for everyone! You will find your happiness in store, among a beautiful selection of VAE, always Made In France. Our experts master the motors and batteries of e-bikes and therefore have the ability to intervene on possible breakdowns of the motors and batteries of your electric bikes.

Ride an eBike, with a reliable engine and battery

Cycling without getting too tired? It’s possible ! VAEs help pedaling to provide more speed and more comfort for everyday commuting. Composed of a motor and a battery, they are the equivalent of the heart and lungs for the eBike. Their action combined with the pilot’s effort makes it possible to cover more or less important distances without effort. The electric bicycle has many advantages. Indeed, farewell to traffic jams and wasted minutes looking for a place when arriving at your destination! It will make your life easier, especially over short distances, for example to go for a fast race. In addition, it is beneficial for your health, but also for the environment because it helps reduce air pollution.

For batteries and motors, Cocci’Vélos is an Official Bosch Dealer and Shimano Sworn Official. Thus, Cocci’Vélos can advise customers according to the different needs they have and offer them quality after-sales service. The shop therefore remains available to customers for the maintenance of their bikes, but also for engine or battery diagnostics in the event of a technical problem. The repair is therefore faster, so that you miss your bike as little as possible!

Getting around by e-bike, a major advantage on a daily basis

On a daily basis, getting around with an electric bike can have real benefits. Indeed, the maintenance costs of an eBike are lower compared to a car, especially for small daily trips. You have to have your electric bike serviced on average twice for good maintenance. In addition, VAE are less and less heavy because the batteries are less imposing and allow to maintain good handling.

The state has introduced a bonus for the purchase of an electric bicycle in order to encourage consumers to prefer bicycles rather than cars. However, to be eligible for this offer, several conditions are met. You must be of legal age, be domiciled in France, have a reference tax income per unit less than or equal to € 13,489 and have benefited from aid for the same purpose granted by the local authority or the grouping of local authorities (1) . This aid can reach a maximum of € 200 and complements the aid granted by the local authority.

Finally, electric bicycles respect the environment and avoid greenhouse gas emissions. This falls within the B’A commitments of which Cocci’Vélos is part. The B’A commitment is a territorial brand of the Arcachon Basin that was created with the aim of promoting the local economy. It is a brand that is shared with the merchants of the Basin in order to offer them support and visibility.

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